Friday, May 07, 2010

Future of the Euro crisis in Greece, Ireland and other nations. Challenges ahead.

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Euro crisis in Greece. Monetary union constraints in high inflation or deflation. Role of European Central Bank in balancing needs of high growth and low growth economies. Contrasts between Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and countries which more recently joined. Loss of sovereignty to Brussels. Political issues in controlling budget deficits or imposing budget cuts on an unwilling nation. Political unrest and threat of strikes or instability. Challenges for the future. Comment by Futurist conference keynote speaker and author Patrick Dixon at London Stock Exchange UK Trade and Investment - Nordic Business Awards. European Union trends.

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Future of Fund Management: banks, pensions, trust, banking crisis and investment performance

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Future of Fund Management - presentation for Mercer by Dr Patrick Dixon. Pension funds, institutional investors, commissions and charges, fund management compliance and regulation. Future retail funds and client trends. High net worth clients and managing investment risks. Investor and investment activity.

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