Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Global Economic Outlook, impact of emerging markets - Global Economy co...

Impact of emerging markets on growth of global economy. Economic outlook for EU, US, Asia and Latin America and why business leaders in developed nations often have a distorted view of true global economic growth and future economic recovery. Keynote conference speaker Patrick Dixon, lecture on global economy and business travel for American Express (Amex) and TAP Moscow. Why we need to focus on China and countries like Vietnam. Why news media are unrealiable guide to the truth about global economic growth. Beyond the downturn, predicting timing of global recovery. Risks of inflation, deflation, boom and bust, double-dip recession, and impact of rapid changes in interest rates, actions by central banks, stimulating money supply, printing money, quantitative easing – but the fact is that the entire global economy grew thoughout the huge economic crisis of 2008-2013, and the crisis had very different impacts on countries like India or Portugal. Expect spectacular growth of aviation and rail travel in emerging economies such as China and India. The irresistible human desire to travel, explore, and gain new experiences will underpin consistent global growth in travel and tourism, despite new carbon and aviation taxes.


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